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What does Augmented Reality (AR) mean?

With augmented reality (AR), digital components are integrated into the real world. As a result you see things that aren't really there and you can take a photo or video of them. All you need is a smartphone and an AR model that you want to place in the environment. For example, you could conjure up a pizza on the table or put a laundry basket in the office. Simply scan the QR code with your cell phone. When the model is loaded, click on the small AR icon and aim at a suitable base. Finished:

Beim Scannen des QR-Codes wird das AR Modell einer Pizza geladen

Beim Scannen des QR-Codes wird das AR Modell eines Waschkorbes angezeigt

For many companies that want to present their products in a modern way, augmented reality is the solution. So far, however, the handling and administration of the content has been complicated and time-consuming. With the platform, hosting, customizing and linking AR-enabled models is as easy as using YouTube. The model can also be integrated into any website using iFrame.

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